About Us

First club of FitnessBlitz fitness-club network was opened in Almaty, on 11th of November, 2009.

From the earliest days to the present time, the Company’s work is based on the following three basic principles:

  1. professionalism and love for what we do;
  2. honesty;
  3. excellent service.

Today, the FintessBlitz fitness-club network is:

  • well-appointed gyms, which have everything that is needed for you: treadmills and cycles, trainers for all groups of muscles, rods and dumbbells, hoops, skipping ropes, steps, etc. Also, all of our clubs are equipped with changing rooms that have individual lockers and shower cabins;
  • flexibility of your schedule, because we do not limit the amount and time of your visits: work out whenever you want and as much as you like!
  • high level of service with minimal level of price;
  • cleanliness and order;
  • understanding of your circumstances. Became sick? Have vacation or business trip? Mere laziness? Call us and suspend your subscription;
  • attention to your opinion: tell us about your complaints or suggestions for improvement of club’s work via SMS, E-mail or by leaving a note in the box for complaints and suggestions, and we will do our best to satisfy you!
  • a venue of successful people!

Come and experience all this for yourself!