By choosing the right nutrition today you care about your health for years to come

The main principle of good nutrition — is a compliance of diet with health and taste preferences of each individual.

Thus, if you cannot say with certainty that you eat diversely, choose only fresh ingredients and do not forget about prebiotics, vitamins and minerals, then you should learn more about the elements of a correct and healthy diet.

A balanced diet — is the foundation of proper nutrition

Proper nutrition has to be balanced and contain all the necessary nutrients. To a healthy person, without any problems with overweight, while making the diet, you can follow the general principles of food intake per day. As a rule, the correct balanced diet is made with the following recommendations:

3 servings of grain products

Healthy cereals include – a buckwheat, rice, millet, wheat cereal or pasta from durum wheat, cooked in boiled water. The average serving – 200 grams of cooked (boiled). 1–3 times a week dishes made from abovementioned ingredients can be replaced with potatoes cooked with minimum amount of oils and fats. Preferably you should eat grain or bran bread, ‘Borodinskiy’ is healthy as well. White bread should be regarded as a delicacy, not as a staple diet.

2 servings of protein sources

Sources of protein — any meat, fish, curd, eggs, cheese. Even if you do not lose weight, try to have two-thirds of low-fat meat and other protein products accounted for one-third of the fat ones. This is important for the health of your blood vessels.

5 — 6 servings of vegetables and fruits

Fruits should be eaten necessarily. Even if at first your body «does not accept» them, eventually you will to learn how to pick those fruits that will bring you a favor. Try to start by replacing a dessert with fruits, and you will definitely be able to «make friends» with them.

With vegetables there is another important rule — remember that the same salad with mayonnaise and, for example, olive oil – are two different dishes; control fat intake, try to switch for vegetable oils.

Not more than 1 serving of sweets and alcohol

Variety is the key to success

Thus, we can identify a number of simple rules for proper, healthy diet.

  1. The daily diet should contain elements of the six major groups: proteins, fats, carbohydrates, dietary fiber, minerals, vitamins and water.
  2. A healthy diet — is, first of all, a varied diet. Include in it products from all levels of the food pyramid: grains, vegetables and fruits, dairy and meat products, pasta and cereals.
  3. Limit consumption of salt and sugar.
  4. Do not overeat. Give your body as much food as you need to get enough.
  5. Try to eat less fried food, but more baked, boiled or steamed.
  6. Drink about 1.5 liters of water per day. And it is not about sugary carbonated beverages, but namely about drinking water.

An example of a balanced diet for 1 day

Breakfast: 250 grams of wholegrain cereal flakes and milk with 1% fat, or yogurt; peach, cup of coffee with milk and toast from multigrain bread and cheese.

Lunch: Greek salad with 1 tomato, 1 cucumber, sweet pepper, a few olives, red onion and 50 grams of white cheese, dressed with 1 tablespoon of olive oil; Chicken soup with noodles — 250 ml; 150 grams of grilled redfish and 150 grams of boiled brown rice for garnish; 2 pieces of chocolate, a cup of tea.

Afternoon snack: 2 toasts of crispbread with curd cheese, a cup of coffee or vegetable juice, a handful of berries or fresh vegetables.

Dinner: oatmeal with dried fruit — 200 ml, herbal tea.

Before going to bed: a cup of yogurt or clabber.

Proper diet and sport

The basic principles of good nutrition in the preparation of the diet must be adapted depending on sex, age and occupation.

So, proper nutrition for practicing sports is:

  • Additional portion of the protein source. At the same time, one should not think that the body must use only fatty meat food, control the fat content;
  • Tighter control over the availability of fruit and sweets in the menu;
  • Mandatory inclusion of prebiotics in the diet — sauerkraut, kefir, yogurt;
  • Additional portion of omega-three and omega-six sources in order save hormones;
  • Strict control over alcohol consumption. During the day you should not «drink» more than one serving of 50 grams of strong liquor or 180 ml of wine.

Amateur athletes should more carefully monitor their diet. First of all, they should abandon the sources of «empty calories» like sugar and sweets. Almost every meal athlete should include protein and complex carbohydrates; this is the only way possible to fully restore muscles. And, of course, do not neglect the special vitamin-mineral complexes for active people. More specific dietary recommendations must be obtained from your coach or instructor.